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Virginia Beach Lice Treatment Owner

“What truly motivates me is helping others”

Let’s Be P.A.L.S (Pros Against Lice Services) is a company started out of sheer empathy for Moms and families in need. The idea to start the company began with two good friends with young school age children who had lice. Completely petrified at the idea and having battled it for months they finally confided in a friend (me) and we all couldn’t be happier that they did!

Having treated hundreds of children in the Florida area before relocating to Virginia I knew exactly what to do! My friends shared with me the shame and secrecy I think comes along with having lice for every Mom and family. I put the plan of action I knew to be true and the only one I ever found that worked into place.

Mind you I had plenty of learning experiences and A LOT of research to find the safest, natural and most effective way to treat head lice a few years earlier when our community was dealing with an infestation that just wouldn’t go away.

My friends and I celebrated our victory over a glass of wine as we watched the children play and we shared how it throws any family off track and the desperation that it instills. My friends confessed they wouldn’t know what to do if I hadn’t come along and they recommended that I share my expertise and research to help other concerned parents and that’s exactly what I did by starting Let’s Be P.A.L.S.

Virginia Beach is my home – where I grew up and moving back to the area seemed to create even more of a desire to help families in need of  getting rid of lice.  I had never even heard of lice until we moved to Florida.  Embarrassing to admit, I thought lice was prone to the Florida region.

When I began my research 10 years ago, I realized Head lice are found worldwide. In the United States, infestation with head lice is most common among preschool children attending child care, elementary schoolchildren, and the household members of infested children.

Although reliable data on how many people in the United States get head lice each year are not available, an estimated 6 million to 12 million infestations occur each year in the United States among children 3 to 11 years of age.

Helping others is at the core of what motivates me and although lice is not exactly something to be really excited about I am excited to help others eradicate lice from head and home and so happy to watch everyone come back to life after we defeat the pesky little…I was going to call them critters…but they aren’t really critters – technically Lice are parasitic insects that must live, feed, and reproduce on the body of a living host.  It’s where the saying “you’ve got cooties” comes from.

Our team of supportive Moms is trained and screened to help you eradicate lice and to comfort you along the way.

See what our clients have to say and call us today even if you just need someone to talk to about (as one of my favorite clients says) “the situation”.

Thank you so much for visiting our site and we will continue to update it with helpful information.

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